We strive so hard to put at least a 100 kids in school. One Child in school; Is One Child off the STREETS


    Interesting Places to see all accross Ghana. Special Packages for Volunteer Workers


    We Explore young talents and nourish them. Having this kids do something they love keeps their minds off their burdens and social vices

What We Do

We work hard to make the lives of people better. Some of our core programmes are detailed below

A. ONE LESS CHILD OFF THE STREETS CAMPAIGN: This a programme designed for children who have been deprived of education mainly due to financial reasons. Our team would scout poverty stricken areas where we'd sign up all children that have the passion to be in school but have been sidelined due to financial reasons. Our aim is to process these children and enroll as many of them we can in school per the funding we have at that given time.

B. SPORTS ACADEMY PROJECT:We seek to scout talented less deprived children who are very good in various sporting fields. Our sports team would continually train and sharpen the talents of these kids. Through this programme, we are confident of having this children make better use of their time instead of engaging in social vices.

C. FOOD AND CLOTHES DISTRIBUTION: This is a monthly programme that has been specially designed to provide free food items, food and clothes to persons living in less deprived areas. The entire team will travel periodically to different parts of the country to execute this programme.

D. VOLUNTEER PROGRAMMES:Through this programme, we open our doors to individuals and firms in and outside the country to hop on board and help us on our charitable course. Persons and institutions willing to support can support in various ways. These include cash, kind or in service to the foundation.

E. SHARE MY LUNCH:This is a special programme targeted to orphanages. We seek to periodically visit orphanages and have them dine with us. Through this, we'd get to socialize with these abandoned children and help put smiles on as many faces as we can.

F. SEMINARS, TALK SHOWS AND CONFERENCES:TWe seek to organize periodic seminars and conferences in communities and schools, where we get to educate the masses on various lifestyle activities.

G. YOUTH FOR ENTERPRENURESHIP TRAINING PROGRAMMES:Having a strong team of individuals in various professions such as Graphic Designing, Website Development, Photography and many others, we seek to sign up and offer free training for interested individuals especially the "UNEMPLOYED YOUTH". Other trainings would include carpentry, masonry, blacksmithing and many more for individuals that would require a less formal job.

H. FREE IT TRAINING FOR ALL PROGRAMME:TWe seek to organize periodic seminars and conferences in communities and schools, where we get to educate the masses on various lifestyle activities.

I. SCHORLASHIP PROGRAMMES: This programme will seek to award individuals hoping to get into Senior High Schools and Tertiary Institutions respectively by funding their tution fees and providing them with basic equipments like laptops they'd need for studies. Individuals that would qualify for this scholarship would be required to have scored an average given aggregate.


Provide basic human needs to less deprived people and good education for street children.


To have as many children off the streets and in school as well as promote volunteer work in Ghana and West Africa as a whole

Our Approach

Our drive in creating a meaningful and lasting change is by reaching out to individuals and organisations who share our goals to assist us through their expertise advises and their cherished inputs..

The team will be spending two days at a town popularly known as Korleyman, in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Korleyman is a town which inhabits a lot of less deprived children. We hope to put smiles on their faces as we surprise them with a wondferfully packed event.

The Team would be visiting some selected Orphanages and Hospitals on Independence Day, 6th of March accross Accra, to donate and spend time with children.

Want to Join or Support us?

Everyday, we get new individuals and organisations willing to join or support our noble course. We'd be extremely delighted and proud to have you aboard.

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The Help Peoples Foundation is made up of a team of philantropists. Passionate individuals who donate most of their precious time in helping the less privileged like street children and persons living in less deprived areas.

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